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Integration, rather than the separation of traditional hydropower and new kinetic technology is a coming trend.


Munich June 24th, 2013: Since the fall 2011 the Francis-turbine powered, run-of-river hydropower plant with a nominal capacity of 130 kW is no longer the only energy source in the water.  Smart Hydro Power installed its floating kinetic turbine in September, in the “Auermühl Bach Canal” approx. 100 m in front of the existing hydropower plant. Since then Smart Hydro Power´s team has used the location as a test site for its turbine.

On the 18th of June 2013, Mr. Kraemer stated, “We can confirm that since the installation of the Smart Turbine our machine has not been negatively affected in any way, nor was there a measurable change in our energy generation from the previous years’.”

Smart Hydro Power´s team would like to thank the Kraemer Family for being a reference and helpful resource since the early beginning.

The experience at Krämer´sche Kunstmühle has shown that different types of energy generation don´t need to interfere, or even compete with one another, but can be combined in a complementary way to enable a more efficient implementation of new and old technologies for future energy generation.