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We are a multi-cultural team working in a German-based company. We are focused on developing and implementing affordable renewable energy projects that enhance productivity and improve people’s living standards. Smart Hydro Power started in 2010 as a group of kinetic turbine developers. The experience on installations and contact with the needs and challenges of remote or off-the-grid locations brought us to the current position of offering products and packages that follow principle of being simple, competitive, and complete. Nowadays, we run diverse decentralized electrification projects, offering a range of renewable energy solutions which are supported by an intelligent electrical management system. New ideas and inspired professionals are always welcome here. We believe in sustainable development and empowering people to be able to define their own choices and to shape their own lives.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Based in Feldafing near Munich, Germany
  • Initially promoted by the Bavarian Ministry for Commerce
  • Awarded by ESHA Hidroenergia Innovation, Ecosummit, and GreenTec, among others
  • Internationally renowned partners, such as ARE, ESHA, Siemens Stiftung, and GIZ

Smart Hydro Power GmbH (Ltd.) is a German private for-profit company founded in 2010 by Ines and Karl Kolmsee. Even though the family is still the majority shareholder other shareholders play an essential role. The first investor was the public-private High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), a seed fund financed by the German Ministry of Economics and several German corporations like Siemens and Bosch. It was followed by the German cleantech fund eCapital and the German development bank KfW. As of December 2015, shareholders are the Kolmsee family with 36%, eCapital with 35%, and KfW and HTGF with 12% each. The remaining shares are held by private investors. In the future, Smart Hydro Power seeks to attract more investors from its core markets in Latin America, East Africa, and India.



E Capital
High-Tech Gründerfonds

Timeline Express


  • Smart Hydro Power GmbH was officially founded
  • First turbine tests run in German rivers
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  • April 2011: First turbine prototype in the water
  • Winner of the Enable2start competition
  • Gain investment from High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
  • First installation abroad: in Peru

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  • National winner of KfW Award
  • Winner of Clean Tech Media Award
  • Winner of the ECOSUMMIT Award

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  • First private customer installation in Germany
  • Market expansion to Africa and in Latin America
  • Further product development of distributed generation solutions

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  • Integration of SMART Training in the portfolio
  • Development of the standardized Electrical Cabinet
  • Development of the SMART Hybrid System
  • Winner of ESHA (European Small Hydropower Association) Innovation Award

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  • HOMER Pro includes the first-ever hydro-kinetic turbine by Smart Hydro Power in their software
  • Dr. Karl Kolmsee becomes a member of Alliance for Rural Electrification`s Board
  • First SMART Irrigation System installed in Neiva, Colombia
  • Integration of the SMART Free Stream in the portfolio

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