Distributed Generation

SMART Packages

Empowering villages
through off-grid power supply

Local businesses
(agriculture • fishery)

telecommunication towers

Single rural utilities
improving the living standard
(water treatment • refrigeration)



With productive use of energy as a goal, SMART Packages were created as standardized solutions for rural electrification, consisting of a combination of different energy sources, electrical components, and appliances. These plug-and-play distributed generation installations are available either with only solar sources or alternatively as hybrids with both solar and hydrokinetic turbines.

They may be connected to irrigation pumps, water treatment systems, and many other appliances depending on the local needs. These packages are modular and can be adapted to the increasing demand. In order to design the most suitable cost-efficient solution for your project, Smart Hydro Power runs software analysis with concrete project data, guaranteeing your return on investment.

Village Hybrid Electrification

SMART Hybrid System


This is a hybrid system consisting of SMART Turbine + Photovoltaic panels. This system optimizes battery use (a very expensive factor when opting for renewables) and takes advantage of different seasons and what each best offers (sun and water). It operates continuously at the optimal power point for solar panels and turbine with separate MPP trackers. This combination is especially suitable for productive use of energy like workshops or food processing.

Continuous energy
generation 24/7

Standardized, modular
and easily scalable
more turbines, solar panels and batteries can be added to the system, according to demand increase

Especially suitable for productive use of energy like workshops or food processing

Can be connected to the grid if central grid is expanded

Photovoltaic only

SMART Off-grid Photovoltaic Set


This package is ideal for decentralized electrification in regions where there are no nearby rivers or canals. A standard solar installation can be very economical in regions with high solar radiation all year round. As with the other packages, the monitoring system can be easily installed to analyze the system’s performance.

Standardized, modular
and easily scalable
more solar panels and batteries can be added to the system, according to demand increase

High-quality components

Hydro Kinetic Pump

SMART Irrigation System


The SMART Irrigation System consists of an irrigation pump directly powered by a SMART Turbine. In one of our installations, a water velocity of 1.7 m/s results in an average annual generation of 1.1 kW or 36 m³/hour of water pumped. A water pump connected to the river turbine pumps 1,000 m³ for 30% of the costs compared to a diesel generator. In this case, the amortization time of this project is less than 5 years.

Eliminates the use
of batteries

Local business enrichment


Electricity • Potable water • Internet


The SMART Hybrid System allows for the combination of different applications such as water treatment, electric power, and Internet. All of these services play a critical role in economic development, increasing the opportunities of rural communities.

Continuous energy generation 24/7

Local business enrichment