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SMART Services & Auxiliaries


Smart Hydro Power offers the complete service related to site analysis, training, and measurement services.

HOMER Energy: The analysis run at the HOMER software confirms the economic advantage of Smart Hydro Power solutions in comparison with diesel and only-solar installations.

The simulation below is based on a typical rural community demand profile. This comparison shows the initial capital and kWh price of different scenarios: solar-only installation, diesel generator and a hybrid system (river turbine + solar + diesel generator), diesel generator and a solar-only installation. The SMART Hybrid System’s resulting Cost of Energy (COE) is € 0.2, which is 40% lower than a solar-only system and 30% lower than a diesel generator.

This is the detailed information about the most economical option:


The unique auxiliary functionality of Smart Hydro Power’s system is a true innovation, enabling the meaningful use of what would otherwise be wasted energy. A decentralized energy system often generates excess power. Instead of throwing this power away, we use auxiliary devices as alternative ways to store energy:

Water purifiers

Water pumps

Ice makers


… and many more