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E-mobility Day: Technische Universität München and Smart Hydro Power open the doors of their workshop


Monday, September 28th from 4 to 6:30 pm, everyone interested in e-mobility can peek inside the workshop from Technischen Universität München and the Bavarian Start-up Smart Hydro Power. At the Krämer’schen Kunstmühle (Birkenleiten, 41 – Munich) experts will show and try out e-mobility technologies and its integration with distributed energy generation through renewable energy sources. As part of the exhibition, the public will get to know and experience e-boat motor, e-bike and much more.

Since e-mobility is not restricted to industrialized countries, new applications in remote areas will be discussed as well. To wrap up the day, Tratural, a partner company from Smart Hydro Power, will present and open for discussion the use of e-boats in Ecuador and Colombia.

You are welcome to come and have a good time.