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SEPTEMBER 2015- BAYERN brings sustainable productive use to rural areas


Over the last five years the Smart Hydro Power (SHP) team has gathered experience of how people in remote areas all over the world live without or with very limited access to electricity. Based on this experience, we have designed rural electrification solutions packages, sourced by renewable energy and now the company is showcasing them “en casa” in Munich.

This September we welcome visitors to join and experience what electricity can provide to the lives of those who don’t have access to it. All activities will take place at Kraemer’sche Kunstmühle (Birkenleiten, 41 – München).

From water treatment to a small rural school, the company aims to show the approach of innovative engineering for energy access in developing countries. All displayed solutions focus on the productive use of energy, which is illustrated by a workshop, charging station, water filtration system, ice making and e-mobility. The energy sources for these solutions are solar panels from the company Aqua Soli and the hydro kinetic turbine from SHP.

Additionally, the Spanish company Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA) will be at this exhibition with their energy meters for a demonstration of a pre-paid system installed in rural communities. This system is the most efficient and reliable way of managing distributed generation.     

So far the installation has received visitors from Nigeria, Zambia and Indonesia. In the upcoming weeks, there will be more delegations from Asia and South America. During the last weeks of September workshops with the SHP team and partners are also planned. Anyone interested should get in contact with us to arrange a guided visit:  ⁄  +49 (0) 8158 907 897 – 11

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA) is an international consulting and engineering company that specializes in distributed generation through renewable energy sources, energy management and efficiency, rural electrification, self-generation, integration of renewables in buildings, sustainable architecture, as well as, specialized training, education and technological development related to its activities.