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First time appearance at Hannover Messe 2012


The 2012 HANNOVER MESSE, known as the world’s most important technology event, will showcase ground breaking innovations in the context of 8 international flagship fairs. 2012 sees the premiere of IndustrialGreenTec, the new trade fair for environmental technology. One might presume that Smart Hydro Power, the maker of kinetic water turbines, would debut in this trade fair. However, visitors can expect to find the bright blue turbine in a seemingly contrasting forum during the conference days.

Smart Hydro Power´s 5kW kinetic water turbine will be the focal point of a special exhibition known as “Technology Cinema 3D,” part of one of Hannover Messe´s most popular forums, “Digital Factory”. For the third time this year, “Digital Factory” highlights the latest in integrated processes and IT Solutions. This year´s agenda centers on industrial software solutions – in particular for engineering production and product development – something where the innovative turbine comes into play.
As innovation is synonymous with Smart Hydro Power´s mission, the display won´t cease to disappoint either. The roughly two meter high turbine will be submerged in a transparent container where water current will be simulated by a pump. As the turbine creates useable AC power from the energy of flowing water, the audience will be able to see power generation up close and personal, while various visualization software companies will use the turbine´s sleek design as the premise for their real-time displays.

Smart Hydro Power is proud to partner with the companies PI-VR, ESI and its subsidiary, ICIDO. PI-VR is a developer and producer of high-end 3D visualization software, used in the realm of engineering, product development, and entertainment and marketing industries. ESI is a world leading software editor for the numerical simulation of prototype and manufacturing process engineering in applied mechanics, while its subsidiary ICIDO specializes in visualization software. 

Look for Smart Hydro Power this year from April 23rd – 26th 2012 in Hannover!