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Indiegogo Campaign: Enlightening the Future of Rural Communities


Munich, September 2014 – Smart Hydro Power continues to act worldwide. After four years of installing the hydro kinetic turbine across four continents, we still believe in sustainable development and believe there is a dire need to bring renewable energy to locations that don´t yet have access to it.  That is why we have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to finance a reference project in Marisol, Peru, a village with approx. 40 households where the majority of people work in the cocoa plantation.

We developed a project scope for the installation of a hybrid, renewable power plant (river turbine + photovoltaic) for rural electrification that is versatile and applicable in diverse locations. Now we want to install this power plant at Marisol as a reference project in South America.

This project consists of a combined photovoltaic and a river turbine for primary generation, an electrical cabinet for power management and distribution, and a backup generator. These three sources will complement each other, ensuring reliable electricity generation year-round. Once installed, the system will provide the villagers with clean and constant energy, enabling them to work longer hours in the workshop and increase their cacao production in the rainy seasons, making them more productive, economically organized and entirely self-sufficient. After we show the world that this project works in these adverse conditions, we can apply the same renewable energy system in many communities living in similar situations and allow the villagers to shape their own lives and enhance their quality of life.

We want to show that rural electrification is all about the creation of opportunities and approach other local governments to reapply the system to other communities. We are counting on you to help spread the word about this amazing crowd funding initiative. You can be the light that Marisols villagers need! You can add your energy and drive to this campaign! Take a look at our campaign and enlighten Marisol!