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SMART Hybrid System


Last Friday, July 4, 2014 Smart Hydro Power had the honor of receiving a Colombian delegation at Kraemer’sche Kunstmühle in Munich to show them a running SMART Hybrid System. This site, where a hydrokinetic SMART Turbine and photovoltaic panels work together and complement each other, was developed in order to offer a complete renewable energy solution for the best cost-benefit possible.

Considering the varying energy demand throughout the day as well as the variation in natural energy sources throughout the year, this SMART Hybrid System uses our smart grid to ensure the optimal use of energy and improve battery life (one very expensive factor when opting for renewables).

Ideal for the productive use of electrical energy, this standardized product can be installed in isolated areas. The supply of energy for a workshop or a kitchen can be provided by photovoltaic, while the constant energy consumption by appliances such as water treatment, irrigation or cooling can be covered by the continuously supply of the SMART Turbine.

The Colombian group organized by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy came through the ‘Exportinitiative Erneuerbare Energien’ (export initiative renewable energies) and consisted of professionals from ITELCO IT S.A.S., IEB, CIDET, SuperBrix International S.A., EPM, Colombian universities and other companies from the energy sector. The topic of their trip was ‘Off-Grid – Energy supply in off-grid areas’. This meeting offered a prime opportunity for networking to foster the cooperation of Germany and Colombia.