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Smart Hydro Power successfully reveals first micro-hydro turbine with an international roundtable on decentralized electrification


First Turbine Smart Hydro Power

Munich, Germany – On Monday April 4th Smart Hydro Power successfully revealed its first 5kW micro-hydro turbine system to an international audience.  Despite pouring rain, the company´s bright-blue turbine was floating calmy in the water during the event which took place at E.ON´s hydroelectric facility on the Isar River.  Unlike PV, the turbine proved that it is able to supply domestic appliances with converted AC power immediately. Because the turbine doesn´t require further infrastructure or major maintenance costs, it can compete with diesel generators on a micro grid, as well as standard electricity provided via the public grid.

Smart Hydro Power´s first testimonial was recognized in a speech by Mr. Rafael Castillo, the Energy Minister of the Federal State of San Martin, Peru. He remarked, „This turbine will enable increased economic development in rural regions such as San Martin”.   Smart Hydro Power will donate its first turbine to San Martin, Peru on June 1st, 2011 to power a local village, hospital and school. In light of the catastrophe in Japan, many guests came in supported of safe and clean energy coming from hydro. Mr. David Sweet of the World Alliance of Decentralized Energy (WADE) noted, “This technology offers a clean, affordable and sustainable solution for developed and developing countries. For many of the 1.6 billion people who lack access to modern power systems, Smart Hydro Power can be the key to profound improvement in the quality of daily life.“

In conjunction with the turbine presentation, Smart Hydro Power hosted a small roundtable discussion with the title “Decentralized Electrification: A Unifying Framework for Decentralized Energy”.  The roundtable consisted of 10 representatives of various public and private entities with active interest in global electrification, research and development projects. Some of the participants included Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser of the non-governmental organization Earth 3000 (Germany), Wim Klunne of state-funded research institution CSIR (South Africa), and Klaus Jorde of the energy consultancy group Entec AG (Switzerland).  The focus of the meeting was to streamline the success of electrification projects in developing countries.  Karl Kolmsee, CEO of Smart Hydro Power and moderator of the roundtable said, “Our discussion highlighted the necessity for a translation between social scientists and engineers in the implementation of decentralized electrification projects”.