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Renewable energy for victims of natural catastrophes


Homes for the World´s mission is to help disadvantaged people in the third world, as well as victims of catastrophe to recover and rebuild their homes in a quick and efficient manner. On site assistance is a fundamental role Homes for the World holds. The organization works closely local companies, state institutions, and training facilities. Partner companies of the organization, either specialize in  emergency project implementation, or provide sustainable, low-cost technical solutions.

Smart Hydro Power was recently approached by Homes for the World to be one of their renewable energy partners. Given that the 5kW turbine system is easy to implement and for a reasonable cost, it is seen as a highly desirable technology. Furthermore, Homes for the World and Smart Hydro Power are happy to work towards a greater good; as natural catastrophes continue to strike with greater frequency, sustainable solutions must be implemented.  To find out more about Homes for the World and to see the post on Smart Hydro Power please click here Homes for the World