Germany Grid-Connected Turbine

SMART Monofloat: Grid-connected Project in Rosenheim, Germany

Submerging turbine positioned slightly downstream of the “Innstraße” bridge between the cities of Rosenheim and Stefanskirchen on the right-hand side of the river.

Situation: The river Inn is an alpine river; its source is located in the Swiss Alps. During the fall, the great amount of dried leaves carried by the water is a great test for the debris protection of the turbine. The velocity of the water flow in Rosenheim varies between 0.7 – 3.5 m/s and the water level from 2 – 6 meters. Because of these challenging characteristics, diverse changes in the design were also applied and tested at this installation.

Technology: A SMART Monofloat was installed in April 2013 in the river Inn in Rosenheim, even surviving the June 2013 flood season without any damage. Since June 2013 the turbine has been operating continuously, producing along its power curve with a maximum of 2 kW at 2.1 m/s water velocity. The produced power is fed into the grid via a nearby traffic light fixture and compensated by means of the German feed-in tariff policy.


SMART Monofloat: grid-connected Project in Rosenheim