Rural Electrification in Peru

SMART Village Hybrid Electrification in Marisol, Peru

A project performed with the local Government of San Martin (Peru), Comité de Electrificación Marisol, and GIZ (Peru)

Situation: Marisol is located in the Peruvian Amazon, in the federal state of St. Martin at the shore of the Alto Huayabamba River and is a typical rural community with a business model. The village has approx. 60 households with the majority of people working in the cocoa plantation. There is also a school, churches, and a basic workshop used mainly for carpentry. Before the installation of the SMART Hybrid System, the community had access to electricity for a couple of hours per day, using a diesel generator.


  • SMART Hybrid System (river turbine + photovoltaic + backup generator)
  • Twenty-four 2 V batteries connected in series to a total voltage of 48 V and connected to the SMART Energy Management System
  • The solar power system’s peak performance is above 1.2 kW
  • FACTS: Cost (LCOE) is approx. US$ 0.30/kWh


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