Turbine behind Power Plant

SMART Product Development at Kraemer’sche
Kunstmühle in Munich, Germany

Product’s long-term testing since 2011

Situation: This privileged location in Munich is well known for its traditional hydro power plant at the Auer-Mühlbach, where all the research and development from Smart Hydro Power has been put in place since 2011. As Munich has cold winters and hot summers (-15°C to +35°C), the material and the components have been proven to resist a broad range of climatic conditions. The installation of hydrokinetic turbines behind traditional hydro power plants is applicable all over the world in order to profit from the existing high energy potential.


  • At the back, in the outflow of the hydro power plant, a SMART Free Stream has been installed since 2014. This turbine has never needed any maintenance and constantly generates power
  • This system works parallel and backed up by the grid as a SMART Storage System
  • It provides uninterruptible power supply (UPS), simulating a great solution for countries such as India, which experience constant electricity shortages

SMART Storage System

SMART Product Development at Kraemer'sche Kunstmühle